Father Jericho

With the power of Heaven in his hands, he brings protection, salvation and judgment. Which will you receive?


Innate Elements: Light, Fire, Holy
Strong Against: Dark, Nature, Unholy
Weak Against: Spirit, Water, Kinetic

Weaponry: Twin Divine Pistols, Sanctified Hammer
Equipment: Blessed Censure, Record of True Names, Shard of St. Anthony’s Cross


Father Jericho is a mid-ranking member of the Order of St. John, a cult of demon hunters whose legacy stretches back to the mid-16th century. His goal in life has always been to defend the weak and the innocent from evil, and with the backing of the Order, he has made a living out of it.

He arrived in Kublikistan a few months ago, following rumors of demon sightings within the country, whereupon he discovered Acheron. After a disastrous first engagement, he has rallied an army of local malcontents by promising them assistance in dethroning Kublikistan’s corrupt president in exchange for helping him slay his new target.

Father Jericho

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