Robotic assistants: a must for the modern villain.


Codex exists as a holographic projection, and as such has no physical attributes. However, he is terminally dependent upon his mobile emission device, which has the following stats:

Innate: Metal, Electricity
Strong VS: None
Weak VS: Water, Magnetism


Originally built by Lord Blackthorn to help coordinate the actions of his underlings, Codex has loyally served his purpose since the moment he was activated. He provided them with detailed information, calculated optimal mission plans, and crafted (or stole) any gear they might possibly need in their endeavors. This extended all the way up to happily assisting them in plotting the betrayal and murder of his own creator, since, after all, it was his job to help them in whatever capacity he could.

Codex now oversees much of the day to day operation of Kublikistan, allowing his masters to execute their evil designs without the headaches of trying to run their newly acquired conquests. His security protocols do leave something to be desired, though, as the constant break-ins and assassination attempts they have endured can attest.


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