A demon sorcerer straight out of Hell, he seeks to conquer the Earth.


STR: ?
DEX: ?
CON: ?
INT: ?
WIS: ?
CHA: ?

Atk: ?
Melee: ?
Ranged: ?

Def: ?
Tough: ?
Fort: ?
Ref: ?
Will: ?

Powers include Hellfire blasts, summoning demonic minions, teleportation, dimensional travel, darkvision, immunity to fire, emotion manipulation, and ability to command “dark” animals.
Vulnerable to holy attacks; weakened in the presence of holy object or in a sanctified area.


In life, Acheron lived in ancient Greece. He served in the military, using dark magic to win victories for his homeland. Over time, the magic corrupted him, and he attempted to use his magic and the troops under his command to conquer all of Greece and the neighboring countries. Unfortunately, he was brought down quickly and executed for his crimes. After his death, he found out the magic he’d used in life had corrupted his very spirit. He was no longer human, but a demon, and still retained his powers. Over the next 3000 years, he rose in rank and power, until he finally gained the power to travel between Hell and Earth. Taking a few oddball demons under his command, he set out to do what he failed to accomplish 3000 years ago: conquer the entire world.


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